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Leonardo Cuello is a distinguished Master of Tango from Buenos Aires. With more than 30 years of career as dancer, choreographer and teacher, he has developed creative work alongside important training institutions and for acclaimed shows, dance companies and folkloric ballets both at home and abroad.
In 2005, he transcends his career as a performer to create his dance research group "The Leonardo Cuello Company", with which he has carried out ten performance cycles in Buenos Aires and almost a dozen international tours to date. Leonardo Cuello is regarded as part of the vanguard of contemporary Scenic Tango. "The History of Tango" by Editorial Corregidor references him as one of the main choreographers of the 21st century.

In his career as choreographer, he has worked by invitation with several companies, including the Chaco Contemporary Ballet, the Official Ballet of Córdoba, the Bicentennial Theatre in San Juan and the Folkloric National Ballet. In 2015 and 2016, he was appointed by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation for its Federal Tango Selection programme. In 2021 he was choreographer to ENTA (Tango Argentinian National Space). In 2019 the Contemporary Ballet of the San Martín Theatre summoned him to create a tango homage to Benito Quinquela Martín, entitled "El Carbonero" (The Coaldealer).
He has too created choreographies for cinema and television. Among them stand out the German Kral film about the life of María Nieves "Un tango más" (2016) and the Argentine Public Television programme "La Hora del Tango" (2018 onwards).
In addition to his creative and performing career, he has extensive experience as professor at the National University of the Arts (UNA), besides acting as Senior Faculty Counsellor at the Honourable Superior Council of the same university. He is also a founding member of the "PlaTEA" collective (Platform for Contemporary Scenic Tango) and regularly lends his expertise as choreographic advisor and Tango Master to various training spaces in Italy, Greece and France.
Cuello’s work as an artist, teacher and choreographer has been awarded the 2019 Maria Ruanova Prize —the highest distinction in dance given by the Argentine Dance Council— as well as the 2016 Diploma of Honour for his contribution as Trainer of Dancers Master. Moreover, his shows “Tetralogy" and “Collection Tango” have been nominated respectively in 2011 and 2013 in the category “Best Choreography” for the "Teatro del Mundo Award” (distinction given by the Theatre History and Theory Division, Rector Ricardo Rojas Cultural Centre of the University of Buenos Aires).

About the Company

The Leonardo Cuello Company creates powerful work that seeks new and innovative ways for the telling and making of Stage Tango. Its aesthetic propositions challenge the commercial tango revue, making space for diverse forms of expression to configure a Tango-proper narrative discourse. In its more than 15 years of existence, it has created five distinct shows with box-office success in Buenos Aires theatres and numerous national and international performances.
The group, made up of outstanding professional Tango dancers that work under the guidance of Leonardo Cuello, has developed a repertoire that today accounts for deep research processes into Tango technique, mostly in exploring its expressive and narrative possibilities.
The productions of the company's repertoire are characterised by delivering a sensitive and comprehensive experience to the viewer, prompted by a careful aesthetic curation where the costume, set and light designs complete the poetic discourse through which the tango stories unfold.
The Company was consolidated in 2005, a key year in which it brought forth nine performance cycles in Buenos Aires and nearly a dozen international tours, among them stand out the presentations at the Parco della Musica Festival / Buenos Aires Tango (Rome, Italy), the Festival Oriente Occidente (Rovereto, Italy), the Torino-Buenos Aires Encounter for Artistic Exchange (Italy), the Torinodanza Festival (Italy) and the Florence Dance Festival (Italy).
The Leonardo Cuello Company was selected by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation to open the Inaugural Gala event of the Ibero-American Theatre Festival of Bogotá in 2018 (Colombia), as well as to represent the country (Argentina) at the Valparaíso Arts Festival in 2017 (Chile).



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